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Dominick Juliano is a student in the discipline of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. A military veteran with over 18 years working in resource protection and antiterrorism, he has developed a keen understanding of motivation and execution in the face of rapidly escalating challenges. Drawing from his expertise in social dynamics and group behavior, Dominick can provide detailed analysis of personal and organizational sticking points preventing forward momentum as well as identify evidence-based methodologies designed to achieve success. Dominick has experience working with behavioral anomalies to include low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, substance abuse and low emotional intelligence. Motivating others through chaotic situations over time has refined his strategies designed to reinforce his client’s strongest attributes and allow them to capitalize upon their greatest advantages whether they are a professional struggling to keep up in a rapidly evolving environment or the head of a highly stretched organization.

Author of his blog, https://www.beautiful-trainwreck.com and his Youtube channel, Beautiful Trainwreck Dominick explores an array of topics ranging from team dynamics and understanding group behavior to social dynamics and understanding congruence within individual human behavior.

Originally from the coastal state of Delaware, Dominick experienced a traumatic childhood of rape and abuse. After spending years in social institutions throughout his adolescence and living in his car while finishing High School he enlisted in the Air Force in 1998 and pursued his education between deployments to the Middle East where he would work with personnel and organizations under high stress situations assigned to the forward operating theater. Dominick was medically retired from the military in 2016 and is currently pursuing his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Facilitating his research on Veteran suicide, he works with select combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. He lives in Waterloo, Illinois with his wife, his son and his Schnoodle. In Dominick’s spare time he participates in competitive shooting, brewing craft beer and studies Shorinji Kempo martial arts. Dominick is also a proud captain of his son’s elementary school chess team.

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