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Friday Update

Hello Internet! I think I will try to do an update video on Fridays as best as I can, I volunteer at a school and I have karate so editing might not be a thing on those days.

Man I must have opened up Pandora’s box with questions which is great! People want to know what this project is about. Well, I’m honestly putting together a video that will explain just that very shortly.

Beautiful Trainwreck is about me. It’s about my life before and after the military. My experiences growing up in broken homes and dealing with abuse. The highs of living on my own at 17 and… the lows of living on my own at 17. This book is about my life and experiences through war and spending years of my life in foreign countries, trying to figure out why people hate eachother so much. I’m going to talk about how I got hurt and how I made life for others difficult because I wasn’t willing to face reality for what it was.

I want to share how that felt. To realize you are at the bottom of a hole yourself and others excitedly dug and you cannot find a way out. But more importantly I want to share how I learned to live in the reality that truly exists and not the one I created in my own mind through regret and self pity.

I have a long way to go and a LOT of writing ahead of me but I’ll keep doing it until it is done. I now fear regret more than I fear failure. And I hope I can inspire others to feel this way one day too.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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