Your Happy Playlist

Another kickass Viking Video

Having a playlist full of songs that make you happy is one of the most powerful things you can carry around with you. Often I have found myself suddenly bummed out over something I cannot change or control and when that happens rather than being “reactive” to the situation I try to be simply “participative.”

Just participating in a situation without reacting immediately keeps my focus on the situation at hand and putting on a kickass playlist full of awesome songs is a game changer. Even five minutes spent listening to a song that moves you is often enough for me to prevent anyone from moving my world or even having a say in it. I hear those lyrics and suddenly I’m caught up in heavy guitar riffs and not whatever was dragging me down or stressing me out. Plus its guaranteed to get your heart moving pretty well.

I STRONGLY suggest making that playlist if you have been putting it off. You’ll thank me once you did!

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