3 simple words: “how are you?’

My viking hat is better than yours

It is incredible how often we live in our world and focus only on “our” situation in front of us while blocking out everyone else. That is, until we need them in our lives and we go barreling into their world expecting the other person to suddenly create a special place for the both of us. That is both unfair and unrealistic. We exist in a society ruled by norms that include being both polite and respectful. Being polite is very easy but one of the most overlooked human interactions. Saying things like please and thank you and not expecting the world to move for you is being polite.

Realizing other people exist in “their” world with their own agenda and hopes, dreams and problems regardless of yours is being respectful. Realizing (almost) everyone wants to be acknowledged and treated like they are #1 in the eyes of others is not only respectful but it is realistic. If you expect people to act their best around you, then it is your responsibility to treat them that way. Unless you are a 10 lb spirit animal. Then evidently you can do what you want, when you want. Regardless of what else is going on. My dog doesn’t care.

Side Note: This video was the most technically difficult one I have made to date. I had literally everything that could go wrong, go that way and Friday night I just said screw it and I’ll try again. The next morning I was again focused and fresh and I rocked it out. It turned out terrible but I’m still proud to say I finished it and learned a LOT along the way.

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