NOT Seattle’s best coffee

I have been learning more and more every day you cannot force inspiration or creativity. Its something that flows instantly and often without warning. Its like standing before a dry faucet with your cup held out, hoping for a drink. You stand there expecting water to fill your vessel but for whatever reason, it just doesn’t flow out.

I discovered sitting in a quiet cafeteria sipping shitty coffee does not inspire me.

Once I migrated to a different location where I was afforded a place to throw my feet up, it was like I was reconnected with my ideas.

I’m learning I can’t force this. Either I’ve got to let the words flow from my pen as I recall incidents or I will force my mind to over work and put myself into a state of confusion. People panic when they know I’m confused. I have a responsibility to others to keep my anxiety in check at all times. I know its amateurish to go about things as I do but for me, there is no other way I will get this done.

Words are flowing. Ideas are being recorded and I’m moving forward. No more sedentary life and no more stagnant existence.

Besides, I’m wearing my shark socks today and they rock!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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