Goals set are more important than goals achieved

Achieving goals is an important process in personal development. What I have found to be even more important than actually achieving my goals has been the process of setting high but reasonable goals. I believe goals should represent a significant challenge but not an unattainable one as that’s just silly. An example would be a 39 year old 6’2 Viking walking on the moon. That is not a realistic goal. I’m too old, too stupid and I’m too out of shape.

I can set realistic goals like running a 5k after spending months training for it. A realistic (albeit very difficult) goal will be to run my first 10k. That is something I will need to work up to, reaching smaller goals and leading to that bigger one.

One short-term goal I have is to edit these videos better. Some of the transitions in subjects go smooth and others are terrible. I’d also like to design and implement an introduction clip at the beginning of my videos. Then maybe I can figure out how to make video thumbnails so I might not look like I have a creepy face in my video preview LOLZ. First I gotta figure out how to even do that. The important thing to me right now is I am learning more each day so when I prepare professional presentations I will have this experience behind me. One day when I am trying to speak on the fly I will look back at these awesome experiences and realize I am where I am because of where I came from. When my confidence was greater years ago I had no problems speaking in front of hundreds. I tell myself one day I will speak in front of a crowd of a thousand. That is when I will set another goal. Perhaps to speak overseas if I ever get the nerve to travel again.

My newest goal is to finish my education process. I used to see my path toward completing my Doctorate in Psychology as a journey. I don’t anymore. I go on journeys and adventures when I want to have fun and share good times with others. This is a process I intend to share as I work toward my next career. I decided long ago I was going to one day do something like this and I stopped. I failed. That will not happen this time.

I’ve already decided this is the right direction for me and since I already see myself at the finish line holding my trophy I’m going to simply follow the process before me.

I’m going all in. I intend to be Dr. Dominick Juliano

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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