Some collisions are inevitable

Yesterday I accidentally deleted about two weeks worth of work on several things, including several typed parts of my book and a video I was almost finished editing. Through a little bad luck and a lot of sheer stupidity I lost some valuable stuff. I immediately panicked and looked for someone else to blame. No, there was no other source of responsibility at work here. I screwed up by not slowing down and taking my time.

I preach being careful to my son every day. He hears my preaches better when he sees me practicing what I preach. And for the most part I do.

Yesterday I did not.

My wife and I sat for hours trying to recover my mistake but for those of you computer-literate I think you can agree that “format disk” means you will lose everything, including those files you did not back up anywhere else. Lesson learned and the purpose behind this event in my life is obviously to realize now I only lost a little bit of work this time. It could have been much worse.

I’m nearing the halfway point of writing this Damn thing and what if I lost all that? I mean sure it can be replaced but what if I truly lost half of my work on this book? I think its better I experience set backs like this now where I can learn from it while my losses are less.

I’m actually a little happy this happened as messed up as it sounds. When I was taking heavy meds and was still surrounded by toxic people I would have about lost my mind. I might have yelled or just declared this whole project a waste of time. No, I took this one sitting down and I’m gonna keep my shit straighter from now on so there is less chance of this happening again. I’m going to follow this through to completion.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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