New camera and lighting unboxing

New camera unboxing

Whats up Trainwrecks! I got a couple new items added to my little media creation setup and I am hoping these items will help make my content a little more polished.

Today I tried like crazy to record my video about “habits” and no matter what I did, I ran into roadblocks. No big deal I took it as a sign I’m just not supposed to make that video today. Tomorrow is a new day and so is the next. I can assure you all nothing I have ever rushed was worthwhile experiencing.

Today I looked at realities of my program of study. Going from my Masters degree to my Doctorate will realistically take 4 years or so in the program I would like to study. Its also a heck of a lot more expensive than I anticipated as well. There is a lot of expenses my VA benefits (and thank paint by number Jesus for those) do not cover such as technology fees, residency fees and my coaching certification program. Then there is travel to conferences, food and lodging and then the ever more expensive books.

Why is this so expensive and difficult? Because if it were easy, everyone would do it. If you believed every kid that lived in his car at 17 could rise to one day get a Doctorate in I/O Psychology you would do it too. If you believed that kid got his head rattled by a mortar, got addicted to pain pills and alcohol, almost comitted suicide and then somehow got his shit together, maybe that might help convince someone else that anything is possible. Perhaps change someone else’s mind if they’re feeling lost and in need of a good direction to travel. There is ALWAYS hope if you are not willing to give up.

The important thing is today I am one step further toward my overall goal. Its one step at a time. A couple rough tries and a no-go before we get some good results. Lets see what happens next.

Damn I look tired and pissed off. You’re welcome. Internet.

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