Habits and routines

A quick video about habits & routines. I busted out my Cannon EOS M50 for some playtime.

Routines are the processes we go through in our everyday lives performing habits. Habits are everyday actions performed consecutively for at least 30 days and is often considered default behavior. Undesirable habits seem so difficult to change because we have programmed our minds to accept these habits as “just how it is.”

But what if we can address our Reticular Activation System (RAS), and how these habits and routines have become “written rules” and are subject to being rewritten? By telling ourselves something over and over again, making an effort to reinforce that new belief and giving ourselves permission to change, it is incredible how powerful motivation can be when implementing improvements.

An example of reprogramming our RAS would be the concept of riding a bike. At first glance a simple view might question how a bicycle manages to balance on two wheels. Upon more practice, believing in our minds riding a bicycle is possible can change the view on the experience from one of “what-if” to “this-is.”

The concept of implementing changes in habits runs much deeper than simple surface behaviors. For example, growing up I had a very peculiar view on what happiness was. For me, hanging out by the ocean with a carefree attitude was desirable above all other experiences in my life. And while that may be desirable for someone well into their career and with a grown family, this habitual belief was not conducive with my current young adult desire to one day have a successful career and the opportunity to travel.

Once I was able to change some of my undesirable thoughts, behaviors and habits I was able to develop an actual plan to implement gradual change into my life.

Those changes came from the habits I learned while in the military and later pursuing my education and training within my particular vocation.

I challenge all you Trainwrecks to identify one bad habit you would like to remove from your routine and one habit you would like to replace that with through implementation. This is the early stages of developing an action plan. That is a topic I will cover in a future video. I bet you can’t wait.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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