Participation in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program

What’s up Trainwrecks? This weekend I opened the mail and discovered my Illinois Medical Cannabis card has been approved! If any of you remember, the video I made of me mailing off my package was a little over two months ago. That was one of my very first videos and it’s one rather important to me. Not just because it was part of the beginning of this blog but because of the value others have placed in me publicly encouraging them to explore options like this in their own lives outside of the status quo. I truly appreciate all the positive feedback I have received on my overall message. You all are the reason why I a publicizing my search for a better way of doing things one day at a time.

I learned so very much from these early videos. Not just about how to transport my message from my mind, across the interwebs and into your brain. But I learned a lot about my own motivations and aspirations for conveying that message.

My IMCP application. It took about two and half months to be approved and the card arrive at my home

As I said before I struggled for years with pain, anxiety and depression which led to a terribly bad attitude and existence until I was able to address my circumstances properly. After being retired from my job in antiterrorism and security I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to separate facts from circumstances. Things improved dramatically in my life when my Psychiatrist and I significantly reduced my use of prescription narcotics and alcohol.


something that has actual and proven existence: Space exploration is now a scientific fact.

Fact: I am always going to experience pain in my body, anxiety in my mind and the desire to have done a better job in my career before “circumstances” affected my ability to continue the path I was on and I retired from the military.


a condition, detail, part, or attribute, with respect to time, place, manner, agent, etc., that accompanies, determines, or modifies a fact or event; a modifying or influencing factor: Do not judge his behavior without considering every circumstance.

Circumstance: I have experienced negative impacts on my personal and professional life by the methodology I chose to address and modify the pain in my body, anxiety in my mind and the depression I felt.

Recognizing the difference between fact and circumstances has been paramount in my realizations. I can modify my circumstances because circumstances are not facts although we like to convince ourselves otherwise. The methods I originally chose to address my issues (avoidance, narcotics and alcohol) were not the only way to do so, although I believed it. Once I was able to utilize a different methodology (medical cannabis) to address some of my anxiety issues (I am VERY jumpy, and my memory is shit) I have been able to pace myself in public situations and amongst rapidly evolving stimuli. I am able to work with professionals to create a BETTER way of addressing my issues.

I highly encourage anyone interested in this program to decide for themselves what their opinion about it should be. Information about the Illinois Medical Cannabis program can be found here on the Illinois state public health website:

Now I realize this particular path is not one designed for everyone, so I advise everyone to use caution with rapidly changing laws and the negative social stigmas that exist around medical cannabis. So far I’ve only heard a couple colorful references to “pothead” pointed my way and honestly if that is the worse people can come up with I suppose I consider myself quite fortunate. Many people have a negative view on cannabis, as it is still technically illegal on the Federal level and many places of employment require a screening process to eliminate cannabis users. These are all circumstances that will only change once collective thoughts and opinions change. I am aware there are fears, stigmas and “barracks lawyers” running amok. I will try to address a few of those.

  • WILL I LOSE MY 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS IF I BECOME A CANNABIS PATIENT? No, absolutely not. In fact the Illinois State Police specifically address this concern in their frequently asked questions here:
  • CAN I BE ARRESTED FOR POSSESSING MEDICAL MARIJUANA WHILE ARMED WITH A FIREARM? No, absolutely not. Possession does not constitute impairment. You may be apprehended if you are found to be impaired by cannabis while possessing a firearm. Understand the definition of impairment. Follow the law, your Doc and common sense. You may be arrested for possessing cannabis without your state-issued identification card. You will not be arrested for participating in two separate (CCW & MedCan) state-sponsored programs. In fact the Illinois General Assembly has addressed this when updating the concealed carry act, 430 ILCS 66 here:
  • IF MEDICAL CANNABIS IS STILL PROHIBITED FEDERALLY BUT NOT AT THE STATE LEVEL, CAN I STILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? Yes and at the same time no. If you found yourself face to face with a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) officer, I would not suggest bragging about your state-issued cannabis medical card. Federal laws are enforced by federal agencies. State laws are enforced by state agencies, who are under no requirement to enforce laws written by any other agency outside of the state general assembly. A more educated explanation of the differences between state and federal regulations can be found here:

I truly hope I have been able to convey some information regarding the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program. If you are considering participation in the IMCP and would like to ask me questions directly I can be reached at:

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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