Get out of your comfort zone

We spend most of our time doing little things to make ourselves feel better, but ignore work on our goals, sacrificing momentum to another person’s interests. We often try to feel “comfortable” as if that were some realistic and achievable state. When we relax our standards we relax our drive. We do not accomplish difficult tasks when we are in our comfort zone. Our work suffers when we have no drive.

This week I challenge all you Trainwrecks to take on something new, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Stop finding reasons to justify the “should have or would have” mentality. Would we do something incredible if we were dying tomorrow? How about if we were given a week to live? Would we then have the motivation to get out of our comfort zone to take a chance to kiss the pretty girl we are shy in front of? Would we really care if you made a fool of yourself if you died in a week?

What if we had a month to live? Would we learn to skydive, rollerskate, swim with sharks, Dance the Lambada, visit a country we’ve never been to, or simply set out to enjoy our final weeks before we leave this earth? Should we really allow ourselves to spend our final month working a thankless job, dating a thankless person, pleasing thankless people and waiting for our shitty thankless life to end?

What about a year? What could we do in a year? What if we had a year to live and plan out a Rockstar funeral for ourselves? I often hear about couples who spend a year working on their plans for that picture-perfect wedding most people dream of. Should we really invest such immense resources to an hour-long ceremony that really only costs the price of a Government issued piece of paper?

Japanese bullet train unveiled now runs between Tokyo and Osaka

I have two friends who are cancer patients and neither seem to be able to find time to sit down and feel sorry about their circumstances. Why is that, do we think? As someone who has come close to death I can tell you the most encouraging thing discussed among our kindred spirits is the indescribable positive energy you will see from these people.

If we have the potential to harness so much focus when we realize we are close to death than what is keeping us from harnessing that same energy while we have years ahead of us? Why do we tell ourselves now is not the time when the time we have right now is literally all we have?

Get out there and do something incredible. Get uncomfortable. And make it look good, eventually we run out of birthdays. Make each one count.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

Putting on this song by John Newman, closing your eyes and rocking out is an incredible way to instantly change whatever you’re feeling to wanting to get up and and dance.

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