Tasking myself serious

No that wasn’t a typo. If we “take” ourselves serious we will then “task” ourselves serious.

Sometimes I wonder am I actually doing this? Continuing my work? I mean the military rockstar would have been been churning out completed tasks like an automated machine back in the days everyday felt like Christmas. But I’m not a military rockstar anymore. I’m not in my 20s.

I am STILL the same person I was in my 20s, full of vigor and ready to meet challenges. It feels like that naive young man has finally collided head-on with a senior version of himself. I’m a lot wiser and I have made a lot of mistakes since then. I am almost physically back to who I was then but I now have many more aches and pains to make accommodations for. I see more clearly now because I simply know what to look for to make myself and my family happy, which is all life is really about anyway.

This morning I have been looking at the things I have been working on within this project and the things I have been looking at externally. It feels like the more I pour my energy into putting together all the pieces of my puzzle, the happier and more confident I become in myself. It is incredible how clearly we can see when we are not clouded by self doubt and other people’s unnecessary Bullshit. I am able to task myself serious and reasonably expect execution.

I’m hoping ordering these new business cards are just one of many things I never thought I would be doing with this project. Beautiful Trainwreck has grown from being a simple hobbyist electronic dumping ground to a hub of many activities. The name itself has taken on so much meaning to me and I hope one day others might have reason to feel that way too.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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