Getting Out of your Comfort Zone

Remaining far within a well-established comfort zone can give us a false sense of being. Staying safe all the time stifles growth and encourages a sedentary lifestyle so obviously that is not a viable option for growth or sustainment but it’s what we typically do. Every now and then we have to venture out and push those comfort walls out with us, extending our boundary of comfort. If we are not stretching we are defending. If we are defending, we are only one step away from losing a level of comfort.

If we push our boundaries and stretch for a new level of comfort, we may fail at some point but it is better to fail and try again on a higher level than to allow ourselves to be stuck in an endless loop of mediocre comfort on a lower level. And who the F wants that? In a world where typically the most adventurous live adventure everyday, we cannot reasonably expect ourselves to achieve something difficult without actually doing the difficult work (even though we try).

Putting ourselves out there to achieve means subjection to ridicule, criticism and more than anything instruction. Just like anything else in life it often helps to push boundaries when it is a part of a learning process and we have a willing teacher along for the wild ride.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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