Our perception is NOT our perspective

How we perceive others is based purely on perspective. If we have negative pre-conceptions, thoughts and intentions than most likely we will see others within that frame of mind. What I mean by this is I have lived a time in my life where I saw myself as I currently was: an uneducated, homeless and uninspired bump on a log. It is easy to look at ourselves in a negative way when we have things like that going on in our life.

But how could I have ever expected my low perspective to change if I wasn’t willing to change my perception? It sounds simple but like many other people, I over-complicated the process by my need for validation. I perceived myself as a failure because due to learned behavior I believed only being told I am good enough by another person would mean I had self-worth. Being an outcast was a badge of honor for me so in my mind, why would ever consider a life of a straight and narrow existence? Turns out, we can truly be whoever we want to be (within reason, I mean I will likely not be an astronaut) and all we have to do is believe in ourselves and frame our actions into those of a work magnet and not a work horse. If we believe we can accomplish something, then we have already won half the battle!

My first attempt at perceiving my present professional self

This business card means the world to me. Not because I think it will convince others I’m serious about this project and my work. These business cards are just another one of many ways I have convinced myself I’m serious about my work and who I want to be. I’m taking myself as serious as a professional should. If other people agree with me then that is pretty cool too.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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