Anger is not our fault. The result of our anger is

Feeling angry about something is NOT wrong. I’m going to say this again, feeling angry is NOT wrong!

Feeling angry about something we felt caused an injustice in our lives is not only correct, but it is natural. Don’t give me any of that victim mentality BS you read at your overpriced and underperforming university. Anger and a defensive posture have ensured the survival of one collection of humans over another for as long as humans have been disagreeing (probably day 1).

It would benefit us to realize something though, anger toward one another is almost always due to an oversight. Whether it is intentional or not, an oversight occurred and a human or object caused us to stop what we were doing and give attention to something someone we did not want to give focus to. I mean WTF, right?

What if it wasn’t an oversight though? What if life itself was making a formal attempt to play itself out and we are stubbornly ignoring it because we are too selfish to realize a potential opportunity to learn and grow readily available?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess at least one of you fellow Trainwrecks has experienced this. Someone made a mistake simply because they do not value the same things as we do and suddenly, we feel threatened because this individual is too stupid to realize they are doing something that pisses us off. Damn that makes us mad doesn’t it? I mean why won’t that person just stop being an asshole?

Well I’m going to ask a serious question that is going to seem weird at first and make sense later (like most of the weird shit I post on the interwebs). What if it’s okay for someone else to be an Asshole? What if it’s okay other people won’t see the same way we see and well, people who don’t see the way we see can just be different rather wrong? We get mad at people who are wrong. STOP IT. People are different so now we no longer have a reason to be mad. Now we have a reason to ignore them. Which one takes more effort? Which takes more time?

What if we thought for a moment that rather than getting at angry at others for being wrong, we could just ignore others because they are on a different set of tracks? If someone cuts us off in traffic, we get angry at them because we feel they were wrong. But what if they were just ignorant? What if they just didn’t know any better or (I know this sounds crazy) got distracted for a moment? Yes, it is possible someone who made us mad did not leave their house that morning with the sole intention of arriving to a certain location at a certain time just to elicit a negative response from us. That other train was simply on a different set of tracks, heading toward a different direction and pulling a different load. Every now and then our tracks cross and someone forgot to throw the switch.

Stop taking the actions of others personal. Pay attention to you. JUST YOU.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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