My Cannabis Lifestyle

My name is Dominick Juliano and I am a retired military veteran. I am a registered Medical Marijuana patient with the state of Illinois, can legally possess and consume marijuana and do so on a regular basis. I chose to become a Cannabis patient after attending several Disabled-Veteran events and discussing what options were out there to address some issues I developed during my service in the United States Air Force.

Much of this information will be used not only for my book, “Beautiful Trainwreck: Off the rails,” but during the research phase of my Doctorate dissertation. I share as much of my life as a disabled-veteran as I can in the hopes it will be of value to someone else. I share information about my Opioid addiction while in the service and how I was able to overcome it despite overwhelming depression.

For more information on the safe use of Cannabis, please visit the state of Illinois Medical Cannabis page.

My Opioid use started when I had knee pain after two knee surgeries and was prescribed Tramadol, an Opiate. On top of that, I took Vicodin and Percocet when the pain was bad. It was often a balancing act between managing my pain and being able to lawfully carry my weapons and do my job so I often chose to live in pain. Shit happens and it didn’t drag me down too bad.

In time my high ops-tempo career prevented me from getting necessary surgery and the pain became too much. At first I took the pills just fine. Within a matter of a few weeks I was a bit hooked. Over a period of a few years, a nightmarish cocktail of narcotics developed and were constantly dumped down my throat in the “belief” they would make me better. In the end, the broken military mental health system as well as my inability to execute led me to live in a walking nightmare.

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You can overcome anything and be the person you know you really are and be happy. I’m living proof of that.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

Beck had a big influence on my 20s. His music continues to move and inspire me

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