Identifying Internal Factors

Just as important as External Factors, Internal Factors are made up of our own reactions to the events in our lives. These reactions occur within our own minds, thus we maintain the ability to change them. It is important to identify these internal factors because along with the effects on our self-concept, we are permitted the ability to address these effects here and now. Once we identify our internal factors we often achieve the ability to take back control of our lives we may have lost to other people as well as inanimate objects.

Internal Dialogue

Internal dialogue is the continuous conversation we have within ourselves about everything that is happening to us.


We label everyone the way that we choose to perceive them. This is also the same with ourselves. If we believe we are a loser because we have labeled ourselves as one, we will act like one.


Preconceptions are deeply ingrained beliefs such as “I’m not good enough.” Preconceptions are based upon long term beliefs developed through habitual behavior.

Limiting Beliefs

These are repetitions in our lives that occur over and over, causing us to consider changeable behavior to be permanent. These are beliefs that we need to continue behaviors that have led us to failure such as “I must eat to feed my heartache” or “I can only get over my pain by drowning myself in booze.”

What are some common internal factors that have affected your lives? Have you labeled yourselves a loser like I once did and then found it was a hard belief to get past? Have you ever come to the conclusion that you sleep better after a 12-pack of beer? What are some factors you Trainwrecks have overcome? Please share your experiences in the comments section below. As always, please like and subscribe to receive regular updates.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

Both of this week’s posts were inspired by “It’s All On U” (feat. Liam O’Donnell) by Illenium

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