Small Incremental Changes

Every day that goes by I seem to make small incremental changes both in my personal and my professional life. I research and implement a new psychological dynamic. I ordered a new microphone for my camera to (hopefully) fix my hissing issue. I watched another video about algorithms and the way stimuli affect group behavior. I get obsessed about another topic I want to try and break down into layman’s terms for everyone to understand.

Like many business owners have told me, there is much success in paying attention to what is working and focusing on small incremental changes to see what brings about the desired effect. I am learning more and more everyday the BS we are fed from the media has very little to do with what ACTUALLY brings personal and financial success, which consequentially is what we are all really after: success. The very concept of what we know as success is wrapped around a focus on “what works,” and not “what we want to work.”

I have now found three people I feel have overcome (and in many cases still are overcoming) personal and professional hurdles and are willing to share their journey toward success with me. To be honest I’m scared shitless because I’m actually doing what I said I would do all along (but took a break from) and this is another step in my process. It’s ME driving these projects forward in the hopes I’m onto developing something. If I make a mistake there is only one person to blame and that is an incredible feeling.

Sometimes I have to slow down and focus and take the time to tell myself I won’t screw it up and as a result I end up celebrating every new piece of content I produce. Even one single like for appreciation of my work means the world to me. Collaboration is one of the most powerful things that exist in the professional world and a few people have shown interest in gifting me their time. This is gonna be awesome! I’m going to make it worth it to them.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

Lofi Jazz & HipHop are the way to go when you want to get some creativity going

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