I wish I took more pictures with my friends

Wow Trainwrecks, what an incredible week! I started off getting some good writing in and really processed some of the information I have been putting together for the book and I’m glad others found value in what I am sharing. It is an incredible feeling for someone to see what it is that I am doing and reach out to share their experiences as well. While in the military I learned just how much more we can accomplish by working together despite our differences. On our own we are experts within our scope and can only accomplish so much based off our individual limitations. But when we develop the ability to work together on the same project, individual limitations tend to affect the overall project less. As congruence is established and maintained, the entire universe opens up.

Next week I will resume working on my psychology and social dynamics content. I intend to work on reflections of the true self and hopefully get more of these interview videos shot. I truly think I am doing what I have dreamed of. I will share more about Iraq as I get a clearer picture about a few things.

I’ve had several people approach me and talk about the information I have been sharing and wow what an incredible opportunity to engage others and share things they simply did not know. I guess it might be easy for the average person to assume since I was involved, I had a particular opinion about this or that such as should we have even been there? No, that is in all honesty the last thing that occurs when you’re “on vacation at the beach in Iraq” (God I miss seeing that written on the porta-shitter across from my billet). No, when things suck, you really just put your head down and press through it. I mean If we go forming opinions about all the things in life we cannot change we’re just asking ourselves to walk into a wall for all the good it will do us. Believe me. You really only have to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does this affect me?
  2. What’s next?

I know I’m a Gen Xer and I’m not the greatest with technology (my coach trainer, Lisa tries to claim that as well), but I really wish I had taken more pictures with my friends when I was deployed. Geez, I walk through the grocery store and see droves of people connected to that Damn thing and it was crazy how in-country things like those things just don’t matter, save for the camera. Damn I wish I had a decent camera to take more pictures when it mattered and I didn’t think about it.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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