Beautiful Trainwreck 10 August Update!

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I hope you are all having a good weekend and making the most of this awesome weather. Last weekend my family went on a float trip with some other families and it rocked! I miss the beach, but Missouri rivers are just as much adventure.

This week we discussed staying focused and habitual behavior that helps provide that focus. This has been a really good topic for me because I have been struggling a bit to remain focused as the reality of going back to school and moving in a direction I never dared to, is finally setting in. This Delaware kid is back on track and making shit happen. Finally.

A Trainwreck Update!

At each point of this project so far, I have run into many roadblocks that did not come with readily available answers. Being someone who has finally admitted to himself I have a cognitive impairment I now look at the work ahead of me differently. There was a time I would see others succeeding where I used to and only found failure and I would get angry and depressed. I didn’t understand why I was no longer able to pick up on things as quickly as others anymore.

My thoughts, my camera and my morning diet Mountain Dew

Now I encounter each new day as a potential challenge no matter how big or how small. Part of meeting those challenges has been task organization and function prioritization. What I mean by that is I have gotten more comfortable with my blog and with making social media content by making as many quality videos and articles as I can so now I will be putting a sharper focus on higher quality and less quantity to meet the growing demands of my PhD studies.

The website and my social media content have become a growing universe that continually expands with each new subject I review and integrate. Each time I get frustrated at a roadblock because I don’t understand, I begin to seek a way through. After all, I believe “the only way out is through.” And that has kept me alive when it mattered the most. Now I use it as a foundation of my belief system.

I encourage each and every one of you Trainwrecks to embrace who YOU are. Who you truly are and pursue those truths in your quest for happiness. While I enjoy my wild adventures and my crazy journeys, I believe this is genuinely a process and I can proudly say I am fully invested. There is no plan B. I’m chasing my dream. I can’t wait for October in Orlando!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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WIN – By Jay Rock is often my theme song when I walk into my gym every morning. I suggest everyone try to WIN! It’s more fun than not

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