Introduction to Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks – HERE WE GO!

Alright Trainwrecks, its time to show up or shut up. We’re gonna start going in hard here soon so buckle the Hellz up. I told you we would discuss anxiety, panic attacks and my experiences. So here we go.

I’m going to preface this by trying to explain a few things that will likely bring you, the reader some clarity. I’ve had some interest in the small notebooks I’m often seen with. I’m pretty excited for the questions and the opportunity to share!

 You see, we remember things we create an emotional reference to. This transfers things in our short term memory –  our conscious, (our immediately aware and I don’t give a fuck about anything that doesn’t reasonably affect me zone) to our long term memory – our subconscious (I should give a fuck because I am emotionally attached and this affects me zone). If we want to have greater clarity we should aim to share an emotional experience with the people around us no matter how big or how small the experience to bring ourselves to REALITY. Reality is what is really going on in our lives as well as the life of another person from an honest and objective perspective and for all intents and purposes, that connection is the most important thing we can ever strive to achieve with regard to interpersonal relationships. You will understand this better in time. I promise.

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I am almost finished research on Camp Bucca, Part 2 so I hope to push that out within the next 4 weeks or so. Four weeks? What??? Yes, four weeks. That is how long it takes sometimes for me to provide adequate research, write a blog post and make a post-worthy video. You see, I don’t just read a Facebook article and turn on my camera. While I will never claim my Blog to be scholarly, I try to adhere as closely to the American Psychological Standards as I can by providing scientifically researched, honest, transparent, sometimes painfully honest and reliable information. This is who I am. I am a Psychologist. I am a corporate and life coach. I try to explain to others what they do not understand and how they can better incorporate it. More than anything, I can tell you what to do to adjust yourself within the world around you to assist you in going after what it is you truly want.

My first topic will be focused on how to identify a panic attack in progress. Yep, like I said it is time to show up or shut up so while my wife and I may not catch a panic attack in progress right away, I intend to document what I personal experience during the onset of one, show you all what happens when I have one, what my wife and I are working on to identify to me what is happening (when someone has a panic attack it has to be brought to their attention before they realize what is happening), and the methods I currently employ to identify-contain-overcome my panic attacks.

I will preface all of this by telling the world IDGAF what anyone thinks about me. It is important that I share my experiences with the world because if I can reach even one person that needs to read this then I accomplished my lofty goal. You see, understanding anxiety and panic attacks are a critical key in this suicide problem right now. The more we share information about the critical keys, the more we will unlock the answers to addressing this issue.

I have made progress with my current limitations. Not a whole lot but enough for a handicapped guy. My second topic will discuss how to stop a panic attack in progress. What methodologies I currently employ for myself and recommend to others. I believe those of us who are experiencing an issue can best share information on what we are feeling and how to deal with it. Panic and anxiety will NEVER go away so get that out of your head. We will always experience fluctuations in our emotions in reaction to the world around us. We can learn to identify what we are feeling, how to breath and slow down when we are upset and most importantly maintain our presence in the real world that everyone exists in – not some fantasy zone we run to in our minds when we are overwhelmed and looking for retreat.

My final topic will discuss how to prevent future panic attacks and realize you are not perfect if it does not work the first time. One major source of my panic attacks is my poor short-term memory. In the past I have freaked out and gotten rude with others when I phase-shift and suddenly forget where I am. I now write down where I am going and what I need to do in a notebook I carry with me. When I all of a sudden get cloudy-headed and feel like I am going to start crying in public, I have learned to pull out my notebook and remind myself of where I am and what I am doing. I “review” my reality I exist in because there it is, on paper in front of me. I wrote it in my handwriting for ME to read if I need to. I remember some “new” people better than others I see because I have learned to engage them in conversation differently than most people and create (admittedly not always) as subtle an emotional connection with them as I can. I try to make a bookmark or a shortcut to what I might have encountered with someone.

I cannot eliminate my anxiety. I cannot eliminate my panic attacks. I have accepted that. What I can do is continue to learn how to deal with them without allowing fear and anxiety to control me.

How does someone learn how to do that? The same way I did it in the military, I would walk my (ABSOLUTELY DUMB) ass right up to a stranger, smile and introduce myself. I show them (hopefully) that I am friendly and personable and haven’t completely decided what I think about them yet. Especially when the person you are speaking to barely understands English, is openly carrying an AK-47 (perfectly legal in most parts of Iraq) and DOES NOT like you because you are an American and YOU invaded his country – there’s that. Trainwrecks, you CANNOT get angry at someone acting weird toward you simply because they are. You do not know what is going through their head and chances are, they might just be testing you. Believe it or not, that is always a powerful position to be in.

If you feel you are affected by awkwardness, a failure to accomplish your goals and a general feeling of anxiety I want you to know you are perfectly normal. If you have reached a point of frustration or just want to know more about your potential to be who you really want to be and would like to explore your options in modifying your behavior through a professional coaching program, contact me for a free consultation. We will not only address what you feel your shortcomings may be, but identify one very important thing: who YOU are according to YOU! Please contact me via for a free consultation and we will explore how we can closer align your lifestyle to your ideal self.

Who YOU really are!

When people think you haven’t made up your mind about them or the situation you are currently involved in. That is when you have the opportunity to inflict serious psychological damage on the situation and hopefully avoid a fight you don’t want to be involved in. If people realize you have completely made up your mind about a situation they will generally proceed with their own agenda, assuming they now know what you are thinking whether they actually do or not. And that is when conflict begins. That is when our egos control our violence. I have experienced enough violence in this life. Shit-can your ego, people.

So, let’s have a discussion! Make sure you smash that LIKE button as you comment below.

  • What do you feel in your body when you are losing control of what you are saying and doing?
  • What specific behaviors would you like to change when you are feeling anxiety and panic?
  • What are some meditative practices you have investigated to implement in your daily lives? 

Leave your comments below and join in the discussion.

At my son’s birthday, I was recently talking to a girl that said something that really stopped me in my tracks for a moment. She told me “we are all a result of the experiences we have had.” I though damn I bet this chick has been through something as well and I never looked at her and appreciated her struggle. It’s comforting every now and then to hear someone else understands what it is to be dealt a true shit hand. That short conversation did a lot for my day.

I am fully aware I’m drastically different than others and I always will be. Once I was able to accept this about myself and be okay with it, I finally found the peace within myself many other never find. I tried for years to be someone other than the person I saw in the mirror this morning on the 24th of September. I tried unsuccessfully to hide from the world and pollute myself to a grave earlier than the one I have earned. I found my peace before my war completely destroyed me. This war that will always rage exists solely in my mind – where it belongs. I realize I am ashamed of things I cannot change, but I am honest with myself enough to know those years are over and people today view me based on what they see before them – NOT what I am ashamed of and they probably don’t know about me (and probably don’t care) anyway. My way of doing things has kept me alive this long through childhood and adulthood in a wide variety of situations so I am comfortable admitting to myself I am not willing to change my perception of others. I am who I am because of what I have experienced. I know this shit is weird to understand. It is even harder to explain.

You do not see the person I see in the mirror. I do.

Let’s smash our way right past our awkwardness and social anxiety! Through a little bit of pain and initial discomfort we can lessen the effects of social pressure by facing our fears head-on and not accepting the regular status quo we’ve grown used to. We can do this!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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