15 November Trainwreck Update!

This morning as I loaded up trash to drive down to my dumpster I caught a glimpse of that amazing morning sun. As I gaze across my fields coated in November Midwest frost I think about just how incredible life truly is when we take the time to actually live it.

That amazing morning sky

I’m really excited to be making the progress I have been the past few years with my Psychiatrist, therapists and the other incredible individuals I have been gifted the honor of working with to get my ass back on track! On Tuesday I will release the fourth installment of my Youtube series on finding and losing our purpose. Its exciting to see this project close while I prepare for another one to open.

Recently one of my old units I was assigned during my crazy years has been re-connecting and I cannot believe how great it feels to see so many faces I admire. Back then I was amongst a lot of people I really wanted to be like. As I sit here sipping a Dogfish head 90 minute, I smile as I recall how awkward and insecure I once was. I learned a lot about the real world back then. Real quick.

My first semester for my Doctorate is DONE!!! Only like a million to go and then a long dissertation. Too easy right? We got this. It’s weird because after taking ten years off between Grad school and my PhD, it all seems to be coming back slowly. My first semester I kept thinking some magic elf was going to mysteriously appear and tell me I was a moron for trying this and after it never happened I have learned to relax and enjoy this process. I no longer want to throw my APA manual across the room…

Photo by Trace Hudson on Pexels.com

I have been doing quite a bit of learning lately about what goes into successfully planning and executing events like talks about Psychology and Social Dynamics and the demonstrations that go with them.  I have been visiting a variety of professionals to observe how they host their events, best practices to look out for and more than anything, networking. I never knew how important networking was until I retired.

So what is this event I’m talking about? Well, I have been doing well with the content creation on my site and my Youtube channel so its time to progress to the next step and begin taking my most successful content and delivering it in person to a paying audience. I intend to share what I have learned with others. So what is my first topic? I have decided to speak about Emotional Intelligence and Social Congruence.

What are EI and SC? Those are what determines our ability to coexist with others. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand the state and being of those around us. Social Congruence is the ability to adjust our own ability and state to better work with those around us. These concepts are more important than most people realize, as it is what dictates our overall acceptance from others and the value (or not) others see in establishing or maintaining a social connection. Topics I will cover will range from that of perspective (what we see, and others don’t), socially acceptable do’s and don’t according to context and congruence and even how to behave around and communicate with members of the opposite sex. This includes both men and women. We have a hard time communicating with each other because we simply don’t understand the difference in our values systems.

WOW. Things are truly amazing right now. I cannot remember a time in my life things have felt so “together” and it is been a journey worth travelling. I’d like to give a shout out to my new clients and wish everyone a safe weekend.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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