Happy New Year Trainwrecks!

Welcome back Trainwrecks! The past couple weeks I decided to take a short break from my Blog to apply more focus to my family during the holiday season. This has provided me an opportunity to really reflect on how far I have come the past year since I began this Blog. When I began, it was just sort of a place to put my random thoughts. I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

Initially, I figured I would try to get some things off my chest to assist myself in putting words into sentences and sentences into chapters for a book I am determined to finish writing. A year ago, I decided I would start listening to my mentors more and begin setting lofty goals once again. Goals I know will be difficult but possible to accomplish.

I knew I had to make some significant changes in my life. I mean, I had already achieved some rather drastic ones thus far so would it really be that much of a stretch if I set even higher ones? I quit drinking, got back into shape, I got out of my shell I enclosed over myself, I stood up to my in-laws and I finally made peace with the shitty mistakes I’ve made. After three and a half years of wandering around retired, clueless and not knowing what to do next I am finally falling into a clear path of what I should do now.

This past year I picked up where I left off over ten years ago and I resumed work toward my Doctorate. This year I have made a complete fool of myself in public and that’s okay. This next year I will likely do it again. And again and again until I finally figure out how not to. When I first began racing motorcycles I crashed. Then I rebuilt my bike and crashed again. I rebuilt two different motorcycles a total of five times before I ever successfully finished a lap on a road-course. When I finished that first track day without crashing my motorcycle, I felt incredible. I felt invincible. I felt talented and dedicated to getting good at something. This is how I feel about my expertise in Psychology. I’m going to keep going at it hard until I “get it.”

Lately I have been looking at the content I release in a different angle. I admit I’m like anyone else and I would rush to push out “who I am” in media form, thinking that would somehow force some unknown talent I have hidden away in the depths of this damaged brain of mine. Like anyone else, I’m simply kidding myself. This is all a part of a “process” other successful people have gone through. Now, going into the New Year I am going to try and focus on my content following a formula I had beaten into my brain while in the military. In 2020 I am going to try and focus on my content being:




I feel if I can make those a sharper focus, the entertainment value will likely fall into place naturally. This month I attended my first film audition. When I was in High School, I used to sink my face to the floor in public and now I find myself smiling into a professional camera, expressing myself and being excited about it. What a crazy world we live in, full of dichotomies.

Welcome back Trainwrecks, I look forward to delivering great content to you awesome people in the New Year!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

We should ALL strive to be happier

Music Credit: https://purple-planet.com

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