The end of my second semester

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I’m excited to announce I made it through my second semester! I’ve spent the last couple months stressing and worrying over things I shouldn’t but it is good I am so that I take this as serious as I can. The past few months have been incredible. Just incredible! I cannot remember the last time I truly enjoyed an emotional rollercoaster ride like this (we all love emotional rollercoasters).

Over the past few years I have discussed with members of the Veteran Administration and my medical dream team what I wanted to do with myself after retirement and that dream is truly becoming a reality! I’ve begun to express myself in public, embrace crowds again and I even went clothes shopping for clothes to wear during my first Doctoral residency in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

I’m really nervous but I’m excited because I will be working with other nervous professionals just like me. You know what I find the craziest? When I finally gathered the courage to set out on this leg of my journey a few months ago I thought I would be among the most elite and flawless individuals on this planet who were naturally blessed with the talent they have. Trainwrecks, its not true. Most of the other psychologists I’ve talked to in this program are just as screwed up and imperfect as me and one day decided to do something about it. We decided to move forward in this direction after we realized we are kinda weird compared to others and I honestly think that’s awesome.

This week I will be getting my bags packed and last-minute alibis covered. I’m gonna hit the ground running with this Atlanta residency and rock it out. My break from coursework will be short the next couple weeks but I’m going to make the absolute best of it.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing videos from my residency, some more information about my childhood I will be including in the book and I hope to work towards releasing the next iteration of my series on Camp Bucca, Iraq. Okay Trainwrecks, we have a lot of shit to cover in the coming weeks. Thank you all for the feedback, the commentary and for being a part of this journey as you watch a complete Trainwreck slowly get his ass back on track.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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