My First Doctoral Residency

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I’m at the beautiful Hyatt regency in downtown Atlanta Georgia where I’ll be working on my first residency and really begin to get this Doctoral dissertation moving. I miss my family and I miss my dog but I’m doing pretty well not feeling overwhelmed with all the fast moving parts occurring around me.

I’ve stressed so much about working with my peers and feeling like I’m not as smart or as professional or as “good” as everyone else. I am discovering more and more that cannot be further from the truth. Today I got a message from Youtube telling me I now have thirty subscribers and that is just crazy! My blog has about twice as many as well which tells me I should take myself more serious everyday. I can see my work paying off and it feels amazing.

People keep telling me this will all be over before I know it. In all honesty, I’m just really enjoying the process. I’m getting over my anxiety and I’m relaunching this career. There is life after retirement. I’ll get there.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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