Doctoral Residency 1 Day 1

Whats going on Trainwrecks? The end of day one is here and we made it! I have met more incredible people today than I thought possible, all with equally incredible stories. I’ve spent so much time telling myself this was a stupid idea because I’m going to fail.

I’m two quarters in and I’ve made A’s just like I did in my Masters program by simply following directions and doing what I am asked regardless. This is a process. This is an amazing process. Like getting my black belt in Shorin Kempo, this will be life changing for me. It’s going to be a long process with many hurdles along the way.

I met with one of my advisers and she was incredible not just because of those three magical letters after her name but because of how hard she fought an how high she rose. She told me she grew up poor and understood what I mean by coveting everything I have when I have realized at one time I truly had nothing. I was a punk 17 year old kid getting by in his 82 Volkswagon Quantum.

High School was fun but it was tough for me.

I barely passed.

I will continue to say this until the day I walk across that stage in my gown, “One day I will be Dr. Juliano.” Anything is possible.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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