Coronavirus Quarantine and staying motivated

Good morning Trainwrecks what a beautiful sunrise.

Previously, I shared my views on the Coronavirus outbreak and why we should try to stay calm and not panic despite the media frenzy taking place. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a state-wide mandatory quarantine event here in Illinois due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Like most everyone else, my family will be following the directive and securing ourselves in Casa de Juliano with our stockpile of food, board games and schoolwork. Yep I said schoolwork. My university understands there is a viral outbreak. I have been given some leniency on my coursework and I think that is a good thing. I was warned about accepting leniency or taking breaks or finding reasons to put school on hold. A percentage of my peers put their PhD on hold indefinitely for a variety of legitimate reasons (like a viral outbreak and national quarantine) and never finish. I fear not finishing worse than I do getting a bad grade.

In the past I have sought excuses not to finish things I started because those were excuses to justify my inaction and promote a sedentary life, I didn’t have to risk failure. And that is the big reason why we seek excuses to not complete or more often, not even attempt difficult objectives. The next couple of weeks will be interesting as my son muscles his way through stacks of homework and chases our dog through the woods of our Corona-free property.

Stay calm and don’t panic!

On a positive note I’m getting a lot done on this 30 page paper I’m writing on Social Identity theory and I’ve made some good progress on my next video series. I’ve been aching to crank out another series since I concluded my last one and I have decided to expand on a blog/video I have gotten a lot of traffic with, the 10-7-5 Principle popularized by the TV Psychologist, Dr. Phil. In a couple weeks I hope to begin releasing a short video series on the 10-7-5 Principle that will not only explain the concept in simple language, but instruct my viewers on how they can successfully implement it into their lives. The 10-7-5 Principle is a concept I know can assist all you Trainwrecks in embracing a deeper understanding of not only where we are coming from introspectively, but help us identify where we are going. Stay tuned for this upcoming release!

WOW my beard was long in this video!

We are all living this insanity together, thus we will likely all arrive at the finish line together if we try to stay together. I encourage everyone to spend a little extra cash to support your local businesses being affected by this madness. It’s a crazy world we live in and we need each-other now more than ever. Wash your hands!

Be nice to one another. We are all on this planet trying to survive together.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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