Trainwreck Update 27 March 2020

What’s going on Trainwrecks! Hope you’re all doing well in these strange times. Please do not panic and freak out your neighbors. It’s NOT time to panic yet. I’ll let you know when it is. Speaking of panicking, I am pushing myself harder now and am attempting to produce loosely edited content. I’m sure it is evident in this video how nervous I am, realizing I committed myself to stop relying on the comforts of technology to smooth out my mistakes. Put simply, I’d like to edit less and publish more. I think this approach will help me develop myself for when I finish school like, a thousand years from now.

I’d like to give a shout out to my friends in my doctoral peer mentoring group I’ve been keeping in touch with almost every day, Rebekah, Dionne, Larry, Bridgette and Rachel as well as everyone else I met at my residency in Atlanta. I’ve learned so much from them and keeping in touch with others is important to me.

So, what is this blog? Well, it honestly took me a while to figure that out. This blog is about a few specific things: My life – My Journey – PhD Adventure that I am trying to put into words to one day finish a book that explains not only some really weird crap that occurred in my life and how I learned to move forward but how I am trying to encourage others to do so as well. I firmly believe we are capable of accomplishing anything we apply ourselves to.

I guess more than anything, this blog is about the extraordinarily odd experiences I have had thus far and continue to learn from. I’m having a LOT of fun with life now and I can[t wait to see what tomorrow brings each new day. Speaking of learning, I’m learning more about Youtube & Social Media. I’m following one of my Doctoral peers, Bridgette who has a Youtube channel as well – B BE Scratchin – and she scratches lottery tickets. What I enjoy about her videos (she has a TON), is her relaxed and personable she gets with her audience and I’m hoping I can assimilate some of those behaviors she exhibits. So when you get a chance, check out Bridegette’s channel, B BE Scratchin to be entertained.

Beautiful Trainwreck bridge

I’m learning a lot about acting and redirecting my emotions to help me with my role in an upcoming film project. I haven’t discussed enough with the director for me to talk about the project yet (I like to run things by people), but I can’t wait till we begin filming as it’s a huge opportunity for me to learn from some really experienced people! People who have a lot of talent and have already taught me so much. It is my hope as I get the swing of this and participate in more projects, I will be able to build my IMDB credentials and that will prolly come in handy. I think.

I do a lot of learning by emulating. An example of things I try to emulate is the work of Kyle A Lee, on his Youtube channel, Kyle A. Lee.  I met him at an audition and noticed right away he had an interesting personality. I stumbled across his Youtube channel in group for actors and producers I follow and I really dig his comedy relief and ability to only give the audience as much as they can handle, while leaving them wanting more. He creates some really unique comedy bits that I though were funny and you should check it out.

Big news, I am at 34 subscribers on Youtube! You might be thinking no big deal. Well, I started with 0 and I’m learning more every day. My subscribers and views and crap help me gauge what interests’ people who visit my work have the most. Obviously, topics like my time in the military, my childhood & my addiction are topics I get a lot of interest and I’m looking for more. So, make sure you’re smashing that LIKE button like it’s the Covid cure. I’m always looking for requests & suggestions for content so send those over to I have decided to adjust formats again to embrace a better schedule that will work with school. I have decided I will try to slowly target Tuesdays and Thursdays for content. I’ll focus Tuesdays for personal posts and Thursdays for my more professional ones to give myself more time to refine the content throughout the week. This includes the references & even the artwork (I gotta get permission for some stuff).

That’s all I’ve got. I hope you have a great weekend despite the current Covidial madness. Be safe.

You’re Welcome. Internet

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