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I feel like crap and I don’t want to.

Have you ever had a day where you just didn’t feel motivated or you just felt like crap and didn’t want to do anything? I have, Hell I think we all have and to be honest, it’s perfectly normal. That is, it is perfectly normal to have a day where we simply feel like crap. It is not normal however, to have days where we cannot remember a time where we didn’t feel like crap, which is more severe and likely has to do with one or more serious issues including depression. For instances this is the case, I strongly encourage seeking help from a professional counselor. It worked for me.

Why are we feeling this way?

For the majority of us, feeling like crap can be a nuisance more than anything else as it seems we have difficulty focusing and accomplishing our goals. Let’s ask ourselves for a moment WHY are we feeling like crap? Asking ourselves why we are feeling this way can be one of the most important ways we seek to deal with it because we often cannot decide on what exactly is making us feel the way we do. Sometimes doing something as simple as understanding what is making us feel less than awesome is a major step in reversing that feeling.

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Small goals lead to big success. One of the ways we can change the way we feel is to introduce another feeling, such as success over a small goal. Setting and accomplishing a small incremental goal such as taking out the trash, rearranging your desk or even cleaning the bathroom gives us a sense of accomplishment, which will in turn establish a positive reference experience leading to the accomplishment of longer-term goals. The successful completion of small incremental goals not only gives us a way to focus on what needs to be done but it has a chance of changing our state from one of apathy to one of focus now, that we have achieved momentum. Trainwrecks, the successful completion of a goal is successful completion no matter what the goal is. Once we embrace small victories, we can set our sights to loftier ones. We can achieve only what we aspire.

Is it our environment that is making us feel this way?

Oftentimes our environment (work, personal life, etc.) can have an effect upon us. One important question we can ask ourselves is: “are we happy with our current environmental conditions and is there anything we can do to make it even better?” We frequently make excuses for the behaviors of others as well as external stimuli and this forces us to sacrifice our values to allow those behaviors or stimuli to continue. We often allow people in our lives simply because we desire them, regardless of what they might actually provide to us. If something is making us unhappy or uncomfortable with no positive return on the investment of our time, is this a wise investment? That answer is no, Trainwrecks. It’s time to make a change.

Identify what is keeping us from moving forward.

We often blame external stimuli (work, relationships, the A-hole that cut us off from traffic) for making us feel a certain way. What if it wasn’t external stimuli preventing us from forward momentum and instead it was “US” preventing ourselves from moving forward? I’m gonna honest, it is almost always “US” responsible for own behaviors because “WE” choose how to react to stimuli. An example of this would be someone who cuts us off in traffic. We can choose to get angry toward the event and even seek an explanation for someone else’s behavior. But really, what will that solve? What do we gain by justifying the actions of someone else through the application of our own logic? NOTHING. Forget about the thoughts and actions of others and let’s think about what is most important for us.

Stop giving a fuck what other people think about you.

Prioritize our time and eliminate the unnecessary.

If someone or something else is making us feel like crap and it goes against our desires, should we be allowing it to happen? If the car we are driving is no longer reliable and adding to our stress, perhaps prioritizing work towards getting a new vehicle can assist in alleviating our stress. Perhaps a narcissistic family member has targeted us to satisfy their neediness? Trainwrecks, NO ONE is entitled to our time but US.

Ventilate before the heat becomes too much.

Have we ever noticed how much better it feels after we have vented about something? Ever notice how much more clear headed we feel once we get it all out? Trainwrecks, this has little do with the other person and everything to do with us. We often blow up on others through expressions of emotion because we “just want someone to listen to us.” In reality, as human beings we are trying to justify our inability to process events the way we prefer and often desire validation what we are feeling is not correct. Ventilating about our problems and the way it has made us feel has more about being heard, understood and acknowledged by another person than it does about the issue itself.

Start making changes right now.

This very moment. A common issue with feeling like crap is we sometimes feel like we don’t know where to begin to make a change or when to try. It’s simple Trainwrecks, the time is always now. If we feel like crap, it’s time to make a change. Make a list of your happiest songs and create a happy list. Make a category of your favorite activities and choose one that you can enjoy. If we do not engage in regular physical activity, that is a great way to start as there is overwhelming scientific evidence which supports regular physical activity promotes good physical and psychological health.

Be okay with yourself.

You are individual and awesome. If we do not have the mindset that we are unique and special we will not believe it, plain and simple. What makes each of us unique and special? What are the positive attributes we believe about ourselves that we wish others knew? What are some accomplishments we have achieved and are proud of? We are often our greatest critic and consequently, often give ourselves the least amount of credit we deserve for our hard work. One way to develop a positive mental outlook is to temporarily ignore our list of requirements for happiness and instead make a list of our accomplishments. Reviewing our accomplishments and what it took to achieve them gives us a chance to remember we are winner. We can accomplish our goals if we try.

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Not feeling like crap can really look like a chore when we’re feeling down in the dumps. Understanding why we are feeling this way and what we can do about it is vital to initiating a change in the way we feel. Before the world can ever accept us and who we are, we must first accept ourselves.

That is most important step when we want to stop feeling like crap. Accept yourself, Trainwreck. You are perfectly imperfect the way you are. You are awesome.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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