Trainwreck Update 17 April 2020

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and not doing anything stupid. . . Well at least nothing that stupid. Welcome to another week of a covidially quarantined proportions – lets be nice to each other, we need each other. Many people take Social Media as a personal opportunity to jump onto a grandstanding platform I know because I did this very thing and I not only made a fool of myself but I insulted very good people whom I truly enjoyed in my life (see the blog post about that here). he biggest problem with grandstanding on social media is it only boxes others in and makes them feel marginalized – people on your friend’s list, and no one else. Understand our “Innocent grandstanding” becomes our “personal message.” That’s bad, please don’t do that.

This Monday on 20 April 2020 at 12 PM CST I will be doing my first “Beautiful Trainwreck” live event (Beautiful Trainwreck Facebook Page). I’m nervous, I expect things to go wrong (like dang near anything new I’ve ever tried), but it should be a lot of fun, I look forward to seeing the one or two of you that actually tune in! WOW I’m getting a lot of traffic on my website which is really cool, well to me. Keep in mind that’s only like 30-50 people a day on my site with a peak of 400 so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves now, I have a WHOLE LOT of work to do. I encourage you all to visit my blog and Youtube channel and hit those subscribe buttons to show your support and help me grow this project. Your support is much appreciated!

Over the past year I have really been exploring myself, the website I began and the direction I’m moving. I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with my camera and producing content. I’m going to try and clarify things on my website and youtube channel which should bring some awesome updates. I’m going to post some of my previous videos/updates and I have to admit I believe I’ve come a long way.

Question: So where are we going?

Answer: On an adventure together! Beautiful Trainwreck started over a year ago as a simple dumping ground for my mismatched thoughts. When I started Beautiful Trainwreck I was in the final stages of withdrawl from my chemical dependence. I was a drug addict, Trainwrecks. I had overcome my drinking and together with my Psychiatrist we eliminated ALL of my meds. Well except for Humira and stuff – can’t stop treatments. I mean I’m still a lil bit of a Pothead, but My Doc and I have our reasons for that

Carol Baskin Killed Her Husband

I continue to churn out pages that are turning into chapters of this first book. I am totally gonna write this thing man, I’m getting more and more excited. I think the advantage of writing this book right now is it is helping me learn a lot of skills I am going to need to complete my dissertation. As I continue to re-emerge from my chemical coma, so much more of my awareness as a Psychologist re-awakens as well. I have spent my life trying to understand what makes people like having you around because I’ve been a very unliked person. I’ve had others stare into my eyes with the most intense hatred I’ve ever thought possible. Lawyers and prison guards know what I’m talking about. Were it not for those chain link fences, those people would have ripped us to pieces.

Well, I decided to find purpose in all of that and try my damnest to focus on what makes people get along and work together. I realize more and more everyday my military career wasn’t my only option in life like I once believed. I finally understand like every shitty relationship, I loved Mother Air Force and the power she gave me. Like most of the relationships I’ve had it was a wild ride while it lasted. Yet another reminder of why I believe what I believe about relationships; because of what I’ve experienced and not what I’ve been told. I encourage others to question what they’ve been told. So, it’s been great sharing this journey with you all so far and I can’t wait to see what is next in store for us.

I have been told by the time I upload my 100th Youtube video I will finally start to “get it.” Below you will find some of my early videos and I dig looking back at how far I’ve come the past year. I hope you do as well. Enjoy!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

What I learned from reading my son’s report card.

The 10-7-5 principle and how to use it.

My story about why I almost committed suicide.

The science of awkwardness and how to overcome it.

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