Student Woes During the Covid Craze

I swear to paint-by-number Jesus sometimes I talk myself into a corner when I go after what I want the most and know is the hardest. Take for example, my PhD program. So yeah, this whole learning disability thing sucks because ever since my bonk on the head, brand new things often have to be explained to me like I’m a 5 year old but then once I catch on, I can often assimilate most things pretty quick. My frustrated karate teachers can attest to that. I’ve always been a little slow on the jump but these days it gets frustrating because one minute I’m in the zone and grinding away. Then for a brief second I’m staring at a blank wall trying to remember where I even am. It gets even worse when I’m having anxiety so think of it as a self-imposed spiral of defeat I’m trying to overcome. And I will. Good times!

Tomorrow, on the 20th of April at 12 PM CST I will be hosting my first Beautiful Trainwreck Facebook Live event. I’m looking forward to learning a lot tomorrow.

In all honesty, I think it’s the things like my martial arts and my regular visits in town being amongst happy people again every week that I rely on and has been lacking lately, that has affected my work. I know it is, I study human behavior and I really like being around random people.

Beautiful Trainwreck Train Yard

Nevertheless, I have been pressing through because you know what? EVERY instructor has told me it doesn’t matter what your GPA is when you finish your Doctorate. It just doesn’t. Tonight I focused on finishing rather than focusing on getting it perfect. Tonight I made things work and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I can’t believe how much I rule!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

Been kickin it old school today!

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