Let’s Talk Politics and Why They Are Polarizing

What’s going on Trainwrecks? Let’s all take a moment and be thankful for the life we have and the opportunity to experience another day. I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected despite the oddities and frustrations we are facing on a global scale. Previously I wrote about The quandary of social media and Toxic Politics.

No, I’m NOT interested in hosting a debate so please keep your political opinion to yourself

In this video I discuss my observations of how polarizing politics have become through my time in the military to the point I became a retired veteran. One of my deepest desires to understand in my pursuit of psychology is why we as a people polarize ourselves within our viewpoints. The simple answer of why? Because we just do. I attempt to explain the more definitive answer within this video and to sum it up, we categorize and even polarize ourselves to feel important. People specify their desires, marginalize the experiences of others and even ignore what they feel is not important to satisfy the need of belonging (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs). We behave this way based on our perceived membership to in-groups (groups we belong to based on who we are) and out-groups (groups we do not directly belong to but still associate with).

That first Facebook Live session was way cool, and I cannot express enough how excited I am to be learning all of these new skills and stuff! I’ll be starting to schedule more frequent Live sessions as I assemble discussion topics. I’d like to shoot for twice a month if possible. I won’t know till we try. I am currently learning “how to Youtube” which is way beyond what that even entails. I am participating in some online training provided by a couple experts that is designed to allow me to create my content in a more “people will be interested” way, if that makes any sense. I’ve been slowly figuring out how to better integrate the three platforms I am focusing on which are my website, Youtube and Facebook. There are tools that bring it all together and save me a lot of work once I learn how to use them. Within a couple sessions I plan on streaming to Facebook as well as Youtube. I’m also looking for a web designer to assist me with redesigning my site with some ideas I just can’t seem to integrate on my own.

You’re Welcome. Internet.

I got really into Limp Bizkit in the 90s. Yeah, I know. . . =)

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