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Trainwreck LIVE! With Rebekah Bundesen

FACEBOOK LIVE! On Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 12 PM (CST), I will be hosting a Facebook LIVE session on the Beautiful Trainwreck FB page with one of my PhD student peers, Rebekah Bundesen. Click this link to be taken to the Beautiful Trainwreck page on Facebook.

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I hope everyone is staying sane and finding creative ways to spend their time. While working on my degree I have been exploring the world of social media and discovering ways to integrate some of the things I am doing with my website and what I am trying to share with the world. The past few months have brought to me a lot of progress and I look forward to challenges before me.

Recently, I have been learning about Social Media algorithms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and just how important it is to approach project: Beautiful Trainwreck from a community-based approach. It wasn’t until recently that I “figured out” the website is supposed to be about my PhD journey.

With that realization has come action – I now approach my Blog entries and Youtube videos just as that. I now approach everything as a Psychology PhD student and man it feels great to have my identity back. Until recently, I’ve been asking who it is that I really am anymore? I haven’t been Sgt. Juliano for years now so who am I? For a while I struggled with my identity.

Beautiful Trainwreck dog

I’m a Ph.D. Psychology student and THAT is what I now see in the mirror! Reaching out and participating with others has broadened my interests once again and I discover on a weekly basis just how awesome and interesting my Doctoral peers are!

On Sunday, the 10th of May I plan on doing my second Facebook LIVE session, this time with a friend I made at my first academic residency, Rebekah Bundesen. She’s cute, quirky and knows a lot about Statistics. We will be discussing several topics relating to our student experiences at Walden University as well as our first residency. If you are interested in submitting questions, please do so either at the Beautiful Trainwreck Facebook site or I can be reached by email at: Rebekah and I look forward to having a good time Sunday! I’m nervous

Have a good weekend and be safe!

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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