Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE

Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE interview with Rebekah Bundesen

What’s going on Trainwrecks? We did it! We had our first full-length interview with a fellow Walden University student and it was awesome! Rebekkah Bundesen and I had a great interview where we discuss our experiences mustering the courage to pursue our PhD and even some imposter syndrome we faced. She and I talked about our reasonable expectations for what an advanced degree will bring to your life and some insight on how to look at the education process. We discuss our experiences meeting other students and our experiences at Residency One in Atlanta, Georgia. Rebekah and I share some experiences and suggestions for successful habits in pursuing education as well as the results of some bad decisions we have made so far, and things you should prolly try to avoid.

Let me give you a hint, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Only you can make this happen, so DO IT!

Beautiful Trainwreck Two Trains

Rebekah is one heck of a fireball! She’s cute, she’s funny and she has a lot of experience in the field of Public Health. If you are a student of Public Health I strongly encourage you to watch this video or even connect with her in the Walden University Doctoral Peer Mentoring Group on Facebook. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. We first met during residency one and immediately knew she was both weird and fun!

This was a unique opportunity for me, and I cannot thank Rebekah enough for not only allowing me the opportunity to talk with her live but for working with me during some minor technical difficulties we experienced. We both believe the key to success is not about doing things the first time, it is about learning how to do something better each time we try in the future and finding that one path that leads to success. One of the most important topics we discuss is the Dissertation process for PhD students and some things to expect and look out for as you approach it (hint, don’t try to save the world, just try to get through school). This video is pretty packed with useful information!

We both share our experiences with Statistics & SPSS as well as some suggestions for making the experience of both a little less stressful. Rebekah and I talked about how valuable we have found the Walden University Doctoral Peer Mentoring Group on Facebook. We cannot encourage people enough to get involved with the opportunities available above just taking classes at Walden University or any University for that matter. I encourage you to network and get involved with other students.

I encourage you to network and get involved with other students. If you are on the fence about Walden University, an advanced degree, or are even a student yourself, I encourage you to follow my PhD journey as I make my way from a medically retired veteran to a Doctorate level Industrial/Organizational Psychologist employed once again. We can do this!

Beautiful Trainwreck - Covidially Quarantined KIA

You’re Welcome. Internet.

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