Beautiful Trainwreck smoked chicken with penne pasta

Beautiful Trainwreck Smoked Chicken & Penne Pasta

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I made Smoked Chicken with penne pasta, spinach, tomatoes, and crispy bacon bits. Recently I’ve been experimenting around with my camera and trying to understand things about recording content. A buddy of mine asked me if I had any talent making food and my immediate thought was “no but that seems like a challenge.” Today I have a quick and very amateur video on how I make one of my favorite quick meals. I’m no Chef but I know what I like.

Beautiful Trainwreck Chicken2

Moving my camera with my content delivery as well as planning out how to show what I’m doing are things I’m getting a better grasp on. Content delivery is something I am trying to put focus on as I start classes back up again in a week and a half. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Smoked Chicken with Penne Pasta

This was a very easy meal to throw together. I seasoned some chicken breasts with a basic barbecue rub and then smoked them until they reached 160 degrees. I do a lot of meal prep on a weekly basis so I normally smoke a lot of meat at once. 

Cooking is easier than it sounds

Beautiful Trainwreck - Covidially Quarantined KIA

Typically, this would call for four smoked chicken breasts. I use a 10 oz bag of fresh spinach and a 10 oz package of cherry tomatoes. I prefer to cook thick sliced bacon until it is pretty crispy, so it is easier to crush. Plus, my dog and I like our scrambled eggs cooked in the leftover bacon fat in the morning.

I look forward to the opportunity to share this to a larger audience and to learn more about videography as well as ways I can improve the delivery of my own content. Thanks for watching!

Beautiful Trainwreck Chicken and penne pasta

Lately it feels like every time I try something new, I gain confidence in something I didn’t think was possible before. I intend to be an overnight success about four or five years from now.

I beat the Hell out of my heavy bag this morning listening to “Open Wide” on repeat.

You're Welcome. Internet. Internet. Internet.

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