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Putting things together

What’s going on Trainwrecks? It’s been an interesting past couple weeks for all of us. The year of 2020 went from odd to full-blown “WTF” and I’m interested in what comes next. Bad times don’t last forever, are often saturated in opportunity, and pave the way for what is needed in a brighter future. The important thing right now is we figure out how to work together to make that happen.

On Wednesday, 10 June 2020 I have the privilege of interviewing a fellow PhD student, Marlo Greponne. Marlo is a PhD candidate that is focusing her current studies on Compassion Fatigue in Latina low wage earners serving people who are poor. We will discuss racial diversity as well. She’s very active in our Doctoral peer mentoring group and quite the inspiration to her fellow students. 

Marlo Success Beautiful Trainwreck

Walden Students Connect

Several ideas I have are slowly coming together and the results of “putting things together” seem to materialize the more I explore, network, and connect. Many of my fellow students have a story to tell. My fellow students are on a journey like mine and our paths have crossed at Walden University. One of my passions is discussing what makes us successful. Many of us think success is simply due to luck or plowing through our work mindlessly, hoping something awesome will eventually happen. I used to think that. The truth is things rarely happen unless we make them happen.

Beautiful Trainwreck Marlo Interview

Now I believe success is putting the right things in order and actually pursuing something awesome. The first time I interviewed someone LIVE about a year ago, I interviewed a buddy who recently made a career change from working at a golf place to brewing beer. I realize looking back, I was then setting the stage for what I would try to do in the future.

My focus as an organizational Psychologist is to understand successful practices and professional behavior to facilitate positive social change. Most people know I study Psychology but few understand my specialty. Among other things I try to understand groups of people and facilitate them working together. The more I try new things, the more I realize I’m figuring out how I can make that happen.

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As I head into my second week of statistics I realize more and more most if not all of my work is fundamental and builds upon my previous experience. After I finish interviewing Marlo and one more fellow PhD student I plan to move on to the next phase, which will be my attempt to gather four Walden University students and have an honest conversation about how we can learn from each other, given the current state of affairs in the world. 

The world is full of critics

This week I enjoyed a good laugh at a lengthy negative comment on my Youtube channel. I wish they had not deleted it (still allowing me to see it), because it means I’m truly reaching people for better or for worse. People take my content serious, even if it is to tell me it sucks. Strange as that sounds, I think that’s awesome. It’s literally the reason why I end my posts the way I do.

Beautiful Trainwreck Angry Train

You're Welcome. Internet. Internet. Internet.

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