Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE with Larry Silvert Richards

Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE interview with Walden University student Larry Silvert Richards

Walden Students Connect

What’s going on Trainwrecks? I’ve been having a blast reaching out and networking with many of my classmates and I thought what better way to strengthen that network by bringing together some the brightest and most talented people this world has to offer.

In this interview I talk with Larry Silvert Richards, a Doctor of Business Administration student with Walden University. Larry and I discuss his Doctoral journey, cultural diversity, and personal perspective variations. Larry is a fellow member of my Doctoral peer mentor group and someone who has not only some really deep insight, but a lot of energy to share his wisdom he has amassed through his journey. I’m really excited to share this interview with you because it means we’re ready to go the next step.

Beautiful Trainwreck interview with Larry S Richards

Next week I will bring together four professionals to have a discussion about some difficult but very relevant topics and we will give our perspectives based on our individual expertise in a professional and unfiltered video. Every individual in this world has a viewpoint and there are a wide variety of opinions existing. However, I believe it is more productive to have an honest and respectful conversation than it is to encourage the finger-pointing and hatred being encouraged by our news media and political parties. Look for our next discussion as Walden Students Connect!

Larry Silvert Richards is a Doctoral of Business Administration Student

Beautiful Trainwreck interview with Larry S Richards

Larry is originally from Trinidad and Tobago born on the island of Tobago, the smaller Island. He attended the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, later returning to Tobago to further his career potential. Larry is the the holder of a BSC in Chemical and Process Engineering, a Master of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA in International Finance. Larry is currently pursuing a DBA at Walden University, with a specialization in Leadership. He is often called Silvert by family members and childhood friends, and goes by Larry at work.

Larry worked as a Process Engineer for 13 years, switching careers in 2016. He is currently the Manager of Park Maintenance and Administration and is responsible for the strategic maintenance management of physical assets at the only eco-industrial park in Trinidad and Tobago. He has studied computational fluid dynamics at the MPhil level and Finance at the MBA level and finds leadership a major and welcome switch. Larry enjoys leadership because he believes he can contribute more to the area than computational fluid dynamics or finance.

Beautiful Trainwreck interview with Larry S Richards

The adventure continues

T&T train Beautiful Trainwreck

As this journey moves forward, so do my efforts to learn more about bringing people together across a variety of platforms to share, learn and grow. I hope you enjoy the direction I am moving as much as I am. So much is possible when we work together with others.

You're Welcome. Internet. Internet. Internet.

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