Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE with Oyindrila Basu

Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE Interview with Oyindrila Basu

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What’s going on Trainwrecks! In this interview, I speak with fellow Walden University student Oyindrila Basu to discuss her research on the impact COVID-19 has had on mental disorders. The more I spoke with Oyindrila regarding her work I knew I had to interview her and share her work with others. In this talk we discuss COVID-19, mental health and she shares with us a unique perspective on events occurring around our world today.

Oyindrila's journey has brought her success

Oyindrila Basu is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where she studied World Religions. After earning her Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta, India, she attained the position of Community Teaching Assistant at Harvard University MOOC.

Her scholarly paper “Usage of Psychoactive Substances is Spreading like Wild Forest Fire” was recently recognized at the World Academic Championship in 2017. Oyindrila has also been honored as a Fellow by the Directorate of Addiction Research-IASR (Psychiatry and Addiction Research).

Oyindrila’s research paper: “A Socio-Statistical Survey Conducted to Draw a Direct Proportionality Between Covid-19 and Psychological Disorders” was published in the Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience and has become a topic of popular discussion amongst scholars.

Independent Researcher

As an independent researcher/writer, her areas of interest have always been Religious studies, precisely Hindu mythology and Human Psychology and Behavior; two extremely diverse topics; one related to Scientific Findings and the other a part of Cultural beliefs and stories. Oyindrila believes these are two important things which shapes any society, both politically and economically – Religion and How humans think and Behave.

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Due to Immigration and Visa laws, Oyindrila was forced to permanently resign her position in India.

Since so many doors were closed to her, Oyindrila searched within to redefine who she viewed herself as. She re-engaged in education once again and moved forward by developing herself.

Oyindrila pushed harder, chasing a lifetime opportunity to associate herself with Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University, where she learned from renowned experts on World Religions. She focuses her work on popular and even some not-so-popular oral tales and folklore in Indian mythology.

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She strives to bring forth an alternate perspective to every myth and tale in tradition, relating her research to topics of the human brain, neuroscience, psychology and mental health. She explores assimilations, while still wholly dissecting the differences that exist between them.

Oyindrila began writing for fun and practiced writing as a hobby to express herself and to record her truths. Over time, she began to examine old manuscripts in India, which sparked an interest that has lasted a lifetime.

Oyindrila has a passion for painting

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Oyindrila's books are available on

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In 2017, Oyindrila published her first book, ‘Possessed’. Posessed takes a deep look at religious superstitions associated with mental disorders and dispels myth from reality. Posessed is an academic collection that has been published internationally and is available on



Early in 2019, Oyindrila published her second book, “Kanyayug- The Unsung Tales in Ramayana,” which focuses on five important women of the great epic Ramayana.

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Oyindrila is currently a student at Walden University, pursuing her M.S. in Psychology and plans to pursue her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology. She is also an avid YouTuber and a blogger who shares her passion through the content she creates.

On her Youtube channel Indian Mythology in Modernity, Oyindrila speaks about topics and characters based in Indian Mythology

On her Youtube channel Oyini and Dance, she performs another of her passions, Dance. Oyindrila is a Sangeet Visharad (music degree) in classical dance, Kathak and a graduate in Fine Arts.

This has been a great opportunity for me to not only learn more about Oyindrila’s research, but I got to learn a lot about Oyindrila as a person. So often, we look at people we see as successful and wonder how they got there. Was it a gift they were born with or is this something they found? Did they learn success from a wise man they paid a fortune of money from? Trainwrecks, the truth is Oyindrila did what successful people do. She believes in herself and her ability to achieve. So much is possible when we believe in ourselves.

We can do This!

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