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Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE with Bridgette Stephens

What’s going on Trainwrecks? My name is Dominick and I am a student at Walden University working to complete my PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. During my first residency in Atlanta Georgia, I was incredibly nervous because I was surrounded by some of the most talented people this world has to offer. I soon realized not only were my peers human beings like everyone else, but most if not all of my peers are a lot like me. We’ve all overcome a serious hurdle in our lives that has made us who we are today. During my residency in Atlanta I met another beautiful Trainwreck.

 Someone who has had to overcome something difficult, just like me.

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Bridgette never served in the military and doesn’t like violence.  I sound terrible when I sing and I’m not very pretty. Despite our differences, Bridgette and I are still very alike. We are both Trainwrecks that got dealt an undesirable hand yet, ended up better people and more focused once we learned from our experience.

I had a lot of fun with Bridgette and I can’t wait for the next Podcast! In fact, Bridgette’s interview has convinced me I need to focus and expand my podcasting. I’ll still post Psychology and Walden University Vlog videos, but I feel like this has been gaining a lot of steam.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia

Bridgette L. Stephens has been a trailblazer from a young age. She knew she stood out from the more quiet and reserved; singing and performing at the age of 4 for her church and for family. Bridgette remembers being a shy child but soon discovered she loved to raise her voice in praise every Sunday. As she grew older, Bridgette realized she had a love for Performing Arts, developing her acting which has led her to parts in plays, movies and Television shows over the years.

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Talented in arts and intellect

Bridgette completed her Bachelor’s of science degree with a specialty in Biology from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2009, going on to complete a Master’s in Clinical Research. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Public Health at Walden University.

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Bridgette holds a strong passion for the health of fellow human beings and strives to be a strong contributor to fighting against the infectious diseases and viruses threatening our human population.

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The year of 2017 brought tragedy into Bridgette’s life while headed to work. On August 28th less than 5 minutes from her home, the driver of another car attempted to make an illegal turn, striking Bridgette’s automobile. She was t-boned at an angle, causing her vehicle to flip completely over, shattering bones and knocking her unconscious.

After being rushed to the hospital, Bridgette was informed she may never walk again. Almost immediately, she began her battle with Depression. Through a variety of emotions, she faced blaming herself for the accident and faced insurmountable drama at home. She worked with Doctors and therapists through Occupational Therapy, preparing for a life in a wheelchair.

It was during rehab she discovered all was not lost, slowly regaining some of her previous mobility she astonished her doctors and nurses with her progress. Today she holds her head high as an independent and highly adept woman. Although her life has been changed, she doesn’t let it define her. Her story is an inspiration and an example for others. 

B Be Scratchin, a channel for curiosity and entertainment

Bridgette is a fellow Youtuber who runs her channel, B Be Scratchin. Offering a variety of content ranging from product reviews and vlog posts, to a passion she shares that is mysteriously fascinating to watch: Scratch Offs! Watching her scratch off tickets really pulls you in and you feel like you’re participating with her. If you’ve never experienced the phenomenon of “reveal videos,” I highly recommend checking out her channel, as she has several hundred videos for you to choose from. Talking to Bridgette and learning some of her strategies and insights has helped shape some of my own content.

Bridgette’s hobbies include Graphic design and she is currently authoring several books. She has a passion for assisting others in starting up their own businesses and bringing their visions to life. She is truly a woman on fire, ready to tackle any task or hurdle that might come her way. Bridgette Stephens has a victory mindset and will not stop until she fulfills her God given purpose and vision in this journey called life.

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