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Tales from Iraq – Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE

What’s going on Trainwrecks? Recently I was visiting one of my Iraq veteran groups and I came across a video that brought back a lot of memories. Deployable, by Jordan Silva choked me up for a moment and brought back memories and emotions I hadn’t really processed in a while but was glad I finally did. I’ve been restless for quite some time now and I haven’t been able to explain it. To be quite honest, I’m sick of being “retired.”

Many veterans feel this way whether retired or not throughout their new life as a civilian, but struggle to understand why. Deployable is made of footage from the former military location known as Camp Bucca, Iraq.

Beautiful Trainwreck US Army

Mere mention of Camp Bucca, Iraq is most often met with “fuck that place.” For a brief moment we think of some bad times. Yet, almost immediately we follow up that thought with our strongest emotions like the camaraderie and love for another human we felt despite being in a place filled with so much hatred.

Tales from Iraq - Beautiful Trainwreck LIVE with Jordan of Silva Design Co

The camaraderie of the military

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Jordan Silva and I served in the same rapid deployment unit based in Georgia but during different generations. Even more coincidentally, we shared the same assignment in Iraq. 

Camp Bucca, Iraq was one of many places each of us traveled in our military careers and we both agree the places we went shaped who we later became. Like Jordan, once my time in the military was over, I sought that same level of purpose and conviction I once enjoyed in uniform.

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The transition from warrior to civilian isn't easy

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During my interview with Jordan, he shared he comes from a family of military. His whole life he has been creative and fondly recalls his father, a Police Officer introducing him to his first camera, a 2-megapixel digital camera his father taught him to use.

Jordan’s time in the military taught him many things and one major takeaway was his pursuit of a lifestyle where he could pursue his passion full-time over a traditional life. In his life as a civilian Jordan and his wife travel and work throughout the world. They also run a Youtube channel: Jordan & Jenny; which explores vanlife and their many travels.

Life after the military is just as exciting!

Beautiful Trainwtreck Jordan 5

I was glad I got to connect with Jordan and share similar experiences. This interview has given me the confidence to reach out to more veterans and to keep going with my work. I know other veterans feel the way we do. We miss this life and we miss that sense of higher purpose. We can find that purpose in our new lives as civilians when we are willing to move forward.

Beautiful Trainwreck Jordan 5

السبيل الوحيد للخروج هو من خلال

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