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Beautiful Trainwreck with Walden Graduate Dr Brittany Boone

What’s going on Trainwrecks? My name is Dominick Juliano and I am a Beautiful Trainwreck. During Residency One, in Atlanta Georgia I met Brittany Boone, a student of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, the same program as myself. She’s got a very positive vibe and reminds me of someone I used to work with.

In this ninety minute interview, we discuss what Brittany is doing now that she is a Ph.D graduate, the highs and lows of success, and she gives great insight into overcoming imposter syndrome. During our session, she shares her experiences with the I/O Psychology program, and we discuss her completed dissertation: “Discrimination, Organizational Commitment, and the Impact of Diversity Programs on Black Millenials.”

Dr. Boone is a recent graduate of Walden University

Dr. Brittany Boone was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a graduate of The University of Missouri – Columbia where she was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Beautiful Trainwreck BB Sorority

Brittany spent over 11 years working in the Insurance industry with Farmers Insurance. During her tenure at Farmers, Brittany earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Avila University in Kansas City, and was instrumental in implementing the inclusion efforts for the company, as well the startup of the local chapter of the Black Professionals’ Alliance, employee resource group.

Diversity and Inclusion brings us together

Brittany’s passion for diversity and inclusion stemmed from many of her own experiences while growing up in the Midwest, and while working in Corporate America. After spending several years facilitating diversity and inclusion (D&I) trainings and discussions with Farmers Insurance, Brittany decided that it was her goal to transition into D&I work full time, so she decided to return to school and earn her Ph.D from Walden University.

Beautiful Trainwreck solo train

Success comes when we go looking for it

While working towards this goal, Brittany moved to the east coast in 2018 to take a job as a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for Vallot Karp Consulting, a boutique consulting firm in New York City. For the past several years Brittany has been working with clients in the beauty industry, entertainment industry, law firms, museums and a host of other organization types both in the U.S. and abroad to design, facilitate and deliver diversity and inclusion trainings, conduct culture assessments, and assist clients with the implementation of D&I strategic plans.

Brittany earned her Ph.D in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Diversity and Social Change in 2020.  Her dissertation focused on the effectiveness of D&I programs and how these programs impacted organizational commitment levels for employees. Brittany continues to work with clients to make the necessary culture changes to ensure that all employees feel included, welcomed, and that they have an opportunity to be successful in their respective workplaces.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and wine tasting. She hopes to also teach a college course in the near future.

There is opportunity every time we change and merge tracks

Beautiful Trainwreck Tracks merge

One of the most beneficial effects my return to school has had on my life is the networking and learning from others. I’m getting closer to returning to the workforce again and it feels great. The more professionals I meet and learn from their story about who they are, the more I realize I’m reshaping who I am. We are a product of the people we surround ourselves with. I realize more and more every day my retirement wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning. My new set of tracks are laid right here in front of me and it’s only a matter of time before I am once again, full-steam ahead.

السبيل الوحيد للخروج هو من خلال

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