My name is Dominick Juliano and I am a retired military veteran. I am in my final year of post-graduate coursework to obtain my Doctorate in 
Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

The day before we invaded Iraq

After I was medically retired from the military due to experiences in my former career, I began to take a long and hard look at myself and who I had become. I realized I blamed my problems on others and was not properly seeking an acceptable way to deal with them. I became a shadow of the Military Rockstar I once was in my own life and the role model among my peers. I found myself overweight and unable to perform basic physical activities like playing with my son on the floor, or even being able to hold my wife close to me. Those were things I valued in my life and I allowed myself to lose them because I lost my ability to execute and accomplish my objectives.

Beautiful Trainwreck Al-Udeid
Dirty deeds from Al Udeid

Before I retired from the military I had to come to the realization I would never again operate at the level of execution I had become accustomed to. The day after I almost committed suicide, I realized drowning myself in alcohol every day to try and change the pain and denial in my mind was not helping. I realized the pain killers I was given an unlimited supply of were not helping my life and were barely helping my pain. I realized the sleeping pills I was taking had become a crutch and were affecting my behaviors when I was half asleep. In fact, I couldn’t sleep without them anymore. When I looked in the mirror I no longer recognized who was looking back at me. I hated the person I saw.

We meet some of the friendliest people in the most hostile areas of the world

It took me almost two years of intense work with Psychiatrists, Physical Therapists and Medical Doctors to get my ass back on track. It took almost two years of my life to realize what I had created within it was changeable and even reversible. I realized all the research and work I had done in Psychology the past eighteen and a half years was going to be for nothing if I did not go all the way with what I dreamed of sharing with the the world.

Track Day
The “good ole” days between deployments when my knees were more nimble
Both my sister and I had keen fashion sense for 80s kids

Once I saw this miserable existence I was living was not permanent, I realized I had been changing my circumstances my whole life. As shitty as living in my car at 17 and trying to finish High School was, it taught me valuable lessons on how to press forward regardless of how bad things get. I learned early on, it does not matter what circumstances you might have been handed. What matters is what you do with those circumstances. What matters most is our ability to be who “YOU” are supposed to be according to “YOU” and no one else.

I am currently about halfway through writing my first book, “Beautiful Trainwreck: Off the Rails.” This book explains how my life has been one screwed up situation full of valuable lessons to the next.

While I will never seek sympathy from others (I don’t give a fuck what people think about me), it is important to explain to others what happened to me as a child. To explain how I pressed my way through the pain and share what I have learned about violence throughout my life. I have found purpose as a child who experienced rape and physical abuse from adults that I was supposed to trust. It is important for me to share not only what has happened throughout my life, but what I did each time to crawl my skinny ass out of each situation and on to the next major hurdle.

At this point in my travels and experiences, I have come to realize that many young men and women (myself at the time)  develop a skewed and jaded view on themselves and one another. Through influential social media and technology we are losing a bit of our ability to properly communicate and understand one another.

I hope my work can assist others who feel like their life is either going sideways or has gone completely off-track like mine did.

السبيل الوحيد للخروج هو من خلال

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