Cool calm and confident

Stress. Anxiety. Insecurity. Irrationality. Anger. Fear. Previously, we discussed how to achieve confidence in yourself and maintain it around others. Why does it sometimes seem

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A day to reflect

This morning my family is slowly getting out of bed and going about our tasks in our normal Juliano way. Living so far outside of

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Embrace your pain

“If we do not embrace our pain, we will try to avoid it. To avoid our pain we often try to replace it with something

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System. What the heck is that? Our Reticular Activating system (RAS) is essentially a loose network of neurons and neural fibers running

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How do we stay focused?

How often do we find ourselves intent on accomplishing a difficult objective, getting something done, or even checking off a routine task and immediately our

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